The Easiest way to type foreign language accent characters in windows!

Works in any windows application

100% free

Create any accent using a single key (typically F2)

Select any language from Polish, French, Spanish, German or Portuguese.

Then press a letter and 'F2' - to alternate between any accent that is used with that character. For instance, in French the F2 will alternate between the characters: a, á, â


Works in multiple languages

Just select the language you want to type in.

Currently works in French, German, Polish and Spanish

Simple and easy to use

No more installing language and keyboard packs, using ALT codes, or changing windows settings. Designed for anyone who wants to keep their computer set up with their existing language settings, but be able to apply an accent with ease.
Just set a language and 'F2' is the only key you need to remember. The fasted and easiest way to create accent characters in windows.


Works in all of your favourite applications

Works in any application, including microsoft word, excel, outlook and powerpoint. Customizable 'toggle' key for any 3rd party applications that might already need the F2 key. Press the keyboard key you require, then F2 to add an accent to it.


For a more detailed explanation of using TypeAccent and on how to type foreign language accent characters in windows, click here.

Or download it here